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"I have been a patient of Diana Shkolnik for nearly 6 years, and she treats me regularly for a variety of ailments, ranging from asthma and sinusitis to leg and back pain using acupuncture and cupping. I am married to a medical doctor, and he agrees that her treatment is more effective for me than traditional medicine. She is a very effective listener, as well as a kind and gracious practitioner. Her skill with the needles makes the sessions painless. She is fluent in Russian, and her English is impeccable. (Many of the Asian practitioners that I tried before her were difficult to understand, and I always wondered if they understood what I was saying. I have also tried other US trained practitioners, so I feel that I am a good judge of acupuncture services). She is also extremely intuitive, and she has a sense of humor. Her rates are extremely reasonable--at 50 per session. She also offers facial acupuncture, to get rid of wrinkles, lines and sagging. Do not expect fancy offices, just excellent treatment."

Susan H.


"Diana Shkolnik has helped me with stress, insomnia and shoulder pain. Every time I come for a treatment, I feel rejuvenated and I look great.

I got compliments from people who saw me right after a treatment.  Apparently I looked younger and radiant, and I have not even tried her Facial Rejuvenation yet, just regular treatments.

Diana is an experienced, conscientious and compassionate doctor.

I have sent some friends to her and they are happy with her work.  Some of them tried her Tibetan detox and loved it.  Check her out!"

Marina K.

San Francisco, CA

"It is not enough to say how was my experience at Diana's office.  I have been getting acupuncture for years and can easily compare atmosphere and acupuncture help that were provided at Diana's office.   It had been a while since my last treatment but  every time when  I need to come back to her office impressing..

First of all when I arrive at her office , I immediately felt so welcomed in this space.

Office has great location, easy access from downtown or Richmond (bus 38, 48, 5  or by car ) cozy decor, magazines in the waiting area, it was clean and well maintained. As you can tell, first impressions mean a lot to me.

The acupuncturist, Diana Shkolnik , gave an even better impression!

She is awesome. She spent a lot of time with me on my first appointment, explained everything in detail and really took her time with my session.

She has a great bedside manner and sense of humor. Plus, the needles didn't hurt. She practices a more gentle style than I have had in the past, but the results were just as good and I felt more relaxed overall during the treatment. During the session on a background plays relaxing music.

Did I also mention that my dad for many years using her office?  He is very happy with the service and the most importantly his back pain and headaches improved. 

I've been coming here weekly now for the past two months and I would like to recommend Diana's  office for acupuncture."

Jane O.

San Francisco, CA

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